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Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by frostengine, May 6, 2008.

  1. Lets say you and 3 other people form an llc to do xyz. The company makes a lot of money doing xyz, and instead of paying the money out to the members of the llc and instead of just keeping the money in the companies bank, you want to try and generate a return on this money.

    Can you invest the portion of the company's money that is not needed for running everyday operations? Would any sort of licenses be needed? What if the amount of money generated from the investing becomes more than the money generated from the operation of the business? What happens then, would any sort of license or notification to the sec or anything have to occur?
  2. An LLC can put money with Schwab (for example), or invest in property, virtually anything...much like choosing to have cash in savings vs. checking. No licenses required for that. Licenses are only required within the Securities industry, your LLC can do pretty much what any retail customer can do.

    (Not meant as legal or accounting advice, simply my opinion, and totally unrelated to Bright Trading or any of it's entities).