Quick Question- At what price do the curbs kick in?

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  1. At what price do the curbs kick in? Is it dow down 210?
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    Mini Dow Futures Daily Price Limit

    Successive 10%, 20%, and 30% limits.
  3. Curbs go into effect whenever the NYSE's composite index rises or sinks 150 points beyond the previous day's closing price.
  4. Thanx! They used to base it off the dow, now it's NYA... that's where I got confused..
  5. The blood isn't even to the sidewalk yet, much less the curb and street.

    This is just the boys throwing in the towel so they can take those extended weekends in the Hamptons hassle-free.
  6. Are the curbs going to actually work?
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    This is late but it is 180pts up or down for the arb collars. Could change on the 30th.



    EDIT* bad link fixed, nyse reg memo April 2, 2007
  8. Some sources say NYA down 180, some say down 150.... I'm still confused. Which one is it?
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    The regulation changes every quarter. The memo above is for this quarter which ends on the 30th. I have not seen a 150 curb lately unless I missed something. I would check the date on the other source.
  10. I hope you guys are joking in your posts, but if you are serious then l would be a bit worried, just a bit...

    Never ever trade an instrument if you do not know how its cleared, settled and its main regulatory ( FSA, SEC e.t.c ) trading rules.

    See link below

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