Quick question: 24" widscreen display height?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by spup345, Sep 1, 2008.

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    Can anyone tell me what their actual screen display height is on a 24" widescreen? Just the viewing area of the panel, I don't care about the border enclosure.

    I'm trying to see if my 31cm high screen display size on my 2 2001FP Dell's will match up in height to a 24" widescreen display size since they both have 1200 vertical lines of resolution so it should display the same amount of vertical information across all 3.

    But if their heights don't match up, then I can't use the widescreen and will need to add a 3rd regular 20" instead...

  2. 12.75"/32.5cm

    (Dell 2405)
  3. I have a 2407fp in between two 2001fps. The screen is about 1/2 inch taller than the other monitors but until I read post I hadn't noticed in about 2 years. (I do remember it annoying my for the first night or so.) It's not a big deal.
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    Communist, wow, great to see someone w/ the exact same situation...do you use Tradestation across all 3?

    Could you possibly post a pic at http://www.freeimagehosting.net/ or something just so I can finally see what it would look like outside of my imagination? It'd help tremendously because I was either going to get the 24" or, if I had to, maybe just add on 2 more 20" (for 4 total since I use tradestation across 3 and the 4th could be for all my other apps like excel, firefox, etc...)

    Tnx in advance if you have the time!
  5. To set up screen height I sit in my chair at my desk and use a tape measure to measure from the floor to my eyes. If you're putting the screen on a desk, just subtract the height of the desk. If the center of the screen is centered on your eyes, you have less eye movement. Yes, I'm that lazy!
  6. Suggestion...

    Get a 24" and place between your 2, 20". If you don't like it, get another 20" so that you can run TS across the 3 of them.. and use the 24" as your "primary"... that's how I have mine... 20-20-20-24.

    The "3, 20's" are for MetaStock charts and the 24" primary is for other stuff... data, browser, TV Tuner (golf, you know)..
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    That may be a good idea, I'll think about it. I may buy a generic 24" ws from Costco & try it out because I think they allow returns on that stuff.
  8. Costco is 90 days return for full refund.

    Sam's is lifetime return for full refund.

    Be sure to check with each store before you take this to the bank; policies change from time to time.