Quick poll LONG straddle OR SHORT straddle on ES

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by jgold310, Sep 8, 2008.

  1. jgold310


    10 trading days to go.

    One or the other NOTHING ELSE on sept ES

    70 points debit or 70 credit @1255

  2. jgold310


    that's 40 not 70 credit or debit
  3. LONG straddle, no question.

    Do you really expect nothing other than digestion to occur?? It all depends on your time frame I suppose, but expecting no volatility and running in place (between or at short strikes) seems pretty unlikely IMO.

  4. Hey you are only down 10% in a matter of minutes, but at least you did not post any stop, that way even though you were completely wrong off the bat you can come back later and say you were right if you get lucky.
  5. jgold310


    are you sure about that? There're 9 trading days left.
  6. I am sure about what exactly?
    That right after you did your papertrade that you were down more than 10%, or that you conveniently posted no stop like a newbie who has no business trading or pretending to trade, or was it the part where you start a completely vague thread asking opinions about naked shorting options, or maybe it was how in addition to naked shorting options you apparently have no plan whatsoever to adjust the trade when necessary. Let’s just all forget about risk reward ratios, having a proper trading plan, and understanding in detail what we trade. We can just sell some stuff and sit back and watch the money roll in.
  7. asap


    neither. both are losers in the long run. stick with verticals and pick direction. trading vega or scalping gamma is for professionals and professionals dont ask on ET whether they should buy or short premium because the question is ridiculous...
  8. jgold310


    You are an idiot. That's what I am sure.
  9. First of all, that is not even proper English, and second I just read some of your previous posts. I would like to apologize, I was not aware that you are mentally disabled.
  10. Cutten


    Neither - there's no huge edge in either position.
    #10     Sep 9, 2008