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  1. appreciate any responses,,

    how does the volume on nyse/nasdaq differ through the seasons,, does it double in the winter??? i tried historic data on yahoo no go,, where could i check ?
  2. just putting this to the top of the forums again in hopes of a reponse lol, thanks.
  3. Any real-time charting package with back filled data can provide this easily. Not sure about the free stuff out there.

    Try stockcharts.com or marketcenter.com.
  4. Seasonally, volume tends to be heavier in the Spring and Fall. Everybody is in school and/or at work. Volume tends to be lighter during the Summer because people go on vacation. In Europe, it can be as much as 3 months. Volume tends to be lower towards the end of the year because of the holidays and because institutional trading desks curtail their trading because they don't want to endanger their year-end bonuses.
  5. But the thing is that even the low volume in August is way more volume than the busiest months five years ago.
  6. Give credit and/or blame to the auto-traders and high-frequency traders.
  7. yeah I hear that a lot of trader tell me that volume is slow during summer-for obvious reasons maybe except earnings season, and they also say that August is one of the slowest months because its right after earnings season.
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    Here is a 10 yr/monthly chart so that you can see the volume of naz q's should be a good representation of volume for you.
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    Let me do you a favor....

    Forget about volume. Giving it consideration will only cost you money.

    (Yeah, I know it's thought of as "cause" or some other stupid sh*t, but that's wrong. Volume is whimsical and does not correlate well to anything.)
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