Quick idea, if it doesnt work its cool.

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  1. A better idea would be a little text box that opens up where you can type in information on a user that only you can see. That way you can add notes like good trading calls or ideas etc. Or full of shit etc. Its hard to remember who's who's so we need an easy built in database.
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  2. Max E.

    Max E.

    Not sure i can agree with that one, i spend all day putting spreadsheets together dont want to need to start putting them together on people here too. :D
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  3. Visaria


    My calls are 70%+ incorrect. I don't like this idea.
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  4. RRY16


    This is a damn good idea.
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  5. Haha, I know, right. The journals offer nice accountability, but without the at-their-fingertips convenience of just clicking on my profile...

    It would be easy enough to implement (actually building a php web tool to do this with my positions). The problem is it requires a database, but more to the point requires users to enter that data. Then there's the question of winning call percent vs annualized gains.

    The simple fact is that most of my positions I don't post here because even with what it is now (less work than order entry) is more effort than I often want to put in.

    You also have the question of pulling live quotes vs trusting the user, which will work against fast market players (ahem, OP :p).

    So my take, lots of work for Baron with little likely interest from users.
    Shouldn't us traders recognize these patterns in people's posts just fine without having to note then down?
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  6. comagnum


    If you want market predictions try Twitter or Stocktwits. Novice traders tend to obsess on entry signals whereas successful traders consider it of little if any importance, $ mgmt always comes first.

    Following another traders entry signals is a losing proposition, a road nearly every newbie has been down including me. Successful traders have to become completely independent - the faster you get out of the mindset of trying to follow others the better.

    ET is cool because the strong hands are always around to knock sense into those that need it. Making this site about trade picking will squelch of the aggregate of many years of the collective hard won trading wisdom on this site.
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  8. speedo


    Unless you have detailed knowledge of someone's trade plan and access to their charting setups, following "calls" by someone who may or may not be full of it isn't going to do you much good. Unless they agree to mentor you and who has the time and energy to do that, you are simply guessing on what's going on. One's time would be better spent in observing price development, testing ideas gained by that observation and methodology development. As far as "likes"...who cares? Most would prefer appreciation shown in bitcoin or unmarked currency :D
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  9. Metamega


    Calls and entry’s are the easy part of trading, we all know how to get into trades no problem. Position size and exits are the tricky part.

    Like others say, stocktwits might be better if this the information your looking for.

    I take anything I read whether it’s a book, blog, forum post with a grain of salt. I’ll backtest or observe ideas myself. Most the time I can’t find anything of value from a post or book that I can find an edgefrom but it usually cause some brainstorming and other rabbit holes to start chasing and different ways or looking at markets.
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  10. Well yes but it's too much work and sometimes people rarely post but I can tell they're the real deal. Meaning anything h posts from then on will be seen to me as credible. Also you can write notes like "works at so and so" etc.

    I've been wanting something like that for a while now.
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