Quick IB Commish Question

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by antincedo, Oct 21, 2008.

  1. what would be commission on 3000 shares of sso with IB roughly?? they are closed =[
  2. $1 per hundred on the first 100 and .50 per hundred on the rest.
  3. damn, so 15.50 then i get out so thats $31.. ive been using scottrade but there market orders are horrible.. anyone cheaper?

    is that round turn?
  4. Actually the commission is $.50 per hundred. Commissions are on their webpage. Where $1 comes in is that is the minimum.

  5. i cant really understand the way they break down the commish on their website

    is .50 per hundred round trip or no?
  6. no
  7. so ib is 30$ round trip, that sounds like a lot... any places cheaper?
  8. Keep in mind you can scale in and out for THAT AMOUNT at different prices.

    Flat fee brokers force you to trade at one price to get one commission.
  9. is that 10$ round trip??? and hows their execution?

    tdameritrade isnt even listed in the brokers section of ET?
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