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    Just saw their website... fee schedule looks very competitive.

    Can current traders please comment on the firm.

    Heres one red flag

    Funds deposited with Questrade for the purpose of trading a proprietary account are not covered by CIPF
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  3. for the most part they use CyberTrader platform, so any technical comments on Cyber would apply here.
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    I can't help you with Quest. I have an account with Tradefreedom, if you are interested in this firm just PM me.

    It too bad that we are so limited for brokers choices in Canada.

    Good trading to you.
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    Does anyone know their policy on overnights
  6. i have an account with QT. in terms of execution they are ok. in terms of commissions they are much better than banks but still worse than IB. as a matter of fact i'll be moving my account to IB soon.
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    You may want to ask them how they protect you?

    I do not trade with them personally but a few of my associates have met with them in their Toronto Canada office (if this is the same firm) and they are and try to be very accomodating. To my understanding they offer several options for trading and the leverage available can be worked to your risk management level.

  8. i moved from retail canadian firms to prop trading from my home.i get better rates and great leverage.just dont understand the benifit now at days.
  9. Dude, no prop firms are insured. I have never heard of it.
  10. big deal i have 10k up for 500k interday bp.i make the majority of the profits monthly.the most i can lose is more thing if you where with refco wouldnt you feel you where safe as well?????Finally what i save in commissions on a monthy basis adds up to way more then my 10k deposit,within a few months.
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