Questrade Prop, anyone trading recently?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by dakoo, Aug 6, 2010.

  1. dakoo


    Hi. I wanted to know if anyone is currently trading with questrade prop and post their experiences. I was considering opening an account with them. Any red flags?

    The package they offer is
    0.00125 per share,
    80% payout
    $3000 minimum account.
    $3 per symbol per day for data.
    $210 for software fees.
    Payout is available on demand
    Intraday losses of 5% of equity will make contact with the head trader to determine standing and a leverage decrease. Losses of 10% of equity will bring a lockout for the rest of trading for that day.
    Leverage at 1:10

    Because this prop is associated with questrade, a reputable broker, I could assume they are not an outright scam. Anyone with any info please comment.

  2. LOgg


    Everything looks fair minus the $3 a day for each symbol; which is far from fair...
  3. dakoo


    I only plan on dealing one symbol. So maybe not too much of a bother.
  4. dakoo


    97 views and 1 reply? chip in with what you know guys :)
  5. I spoke to them about trading with them - about 8 yrs ago. They are still in business so they're certainly not fly by night - which is a big factor IMO. Please post any experiences if you sign up - I'm looking for a firm currently.
  6. well dont trade the tlt with them.. do the math... it doesnt work out...