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  1. i sent an order at 9:32 to buy limit 400 shares LDK at 42.50 then left the computer because i had to go to the store. I come back it hit that price even slightly below (42.23) BUT MY ORDER WASNT FILLED BROKER had errors with many accounts (thats what they said when i called) its Questrade by the way for any of you in Canada. Could've made 2000$ on one stock in one day but ended up making nil today so fucking gay, sorry need to vent somewhere
  2. Time to get a new broker
  3. I don't have TAS in front of me, but you have to check where your order was sent and when the stock opened. I THINK LDK opened early today, however a trade through is possible if prints went off on one ecn and not the one you sent your order to. NO broker can guarantee that you get a fill even if the stock traded through that price, because of the way the order routing algos work. The only way to see what happened is to check the T&S... it's possible you got screwed, but it's possible you sent your order to a venue which didn't get printed at that price.
  4. i think it was more of a broker side problem though because the error code was "insufficient account funding"

    yet 42.50 x 400 + commison= $17004.95

    yet the account had about $25000 at that time it is a cash account no margin.

    Heck i was looking at this stock as more of an investment than a trade but 5$ in one day damnn....

    when i called them they said they've had many calls about the same problem so its not just that one stock
  5. and yeah it was only limited to the morning in the afternoon no problems but yeah broker f*cked up.... i'm gonna stop because there is no point in me ranting any longer

  6. Actually, NMS was pushed through as a solution to this "problem".

    So actually, you're supposed to be given NBBO and the fill no matter which route you choose. Especially if you send it to the broker's auto route.
  7. The difference between one guy and the next is this. Some will make this post and 6 months later, they'll still be at the same firm. Others will never place another trade with the firm.

    Unfortunately, here in Canada, there is only one choice - IB.
  8. You are supposed to be given NBBO, correct. However, if you have this situation:

    50.30 x 200
    50.32 x 400
    50.35 x 600
    50.40 x 300
    50.30 x 500
    50.33 x 100
    50.37 x 800

    If you send a 1400 share Island market buy order, or even a limit buy crossed 10 cents through, your fill will be as follows:
    50.30 200
    50.30 500
    50.33 100
    50.37 600

    The 200 shares on the NBO (National Best Offer) on NYS will be taken, but after that the order sweeps the ISLD book, unless it's proactive. Thus you could be the NYSE guy on the offer at 50.35 and your 600 shares would not get filled, even though the stock printed 50.37. This is completely legit.
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    Unfortunately, crap happens. From time to time I've seen issues with QT's platform but overall, that's part of the game with ANY broker (IB included).

    The nice thing about QT is they don't require 10K minimum to open accounts, but they also allow RRSP accounts for active investors (US equivalent to an IRA or 401k). IB doesn't allow that nor do they ever plan to. Those jerks!

  10. that is why i am with Questrade this is an rrsp account i am talking about, it is actually my mom's RRSP account i am trading for her, isn't my mom nice?? :) :)

    it was an auto order and once again this probably had nothing to do with exchange or order not getting filled it was on questrades side they were like "oh yeah we've been having problems with all the registered accounts this morning with orders not getting executed"
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