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Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by huby, May 17, 2001.

  1. huby


    I just opened an account with IB and can't seem to get a reply email from them answering my questions. I loaded the desktop version on my pc but can't get the browser version to work. My computer freezes up every time I try to use it. Is one version better than the other? The browser version seems a bit newer with more features.

    Also, does anyone know if you can highlight several stocks on your watch list and execute them all at the same time with one hot key?
  2. mgregor


    The browser based Java version is less stable and prone to crash your browser, which will result in you having to reboot your computer before being able to access the software again. Also, the Java based version is a real drain on your computer's memory.

    I would use the installed version of the software. Oh, and as far as not having received a reply to your question, I've heard that IB's customer service is virtually non existent.

    You might want to try to call them on a Sunday or sometime when they're not as busy.

    Make sure you have the latest version of Internet Explorer installed on your computer and that the Java settings are enabled.
  3. def

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    I'd beg to differ on your comments. Feedback on stability has been very good. Runing from a browser takes a bit of memory but I don't think it is a hog. Albeit I hear it is more stable when you download and run from your desktop.

    all e-mails get answered. however, mgregor is correct that you will find that someone can spend more time with you after market hours. If possible, log onto the live chat space after 9PM (NY time) and someone will take the time to resolve your problems.

    If there is a new version of the software, you will have to download to your desktop from and choose the upgrade button. After doing this, the version on your desk top will match the version from the browser.

    I use IE 5.5 at home and work w/ 128K memory w/o any problems. I've had as many as three logins at the same time. If you use netscape you'll have to download the netscape java applet which the guys on the help desk can point you to.
  4. PKJR



    when is the new version of TWS going to show up? Are there any plans on improving TWS interface?

  5. BrianL


    Def: could you please check into what in the world happened today May 17th in the afteernoon regarding the isld quotes? Some awfull squirrely things have been going on and it was virtually untradable this afternoon. Also there seems to be some big conspiracy about the sudden disapparence of INCA on our routes for the last two days! This smells like a $$ problem from somewhere. I virtually tried for two days to use the help chat on the web site to get answers and did not even get through. I assure you isld was working for many of my fellow traders that I was talking to when this was going on. IB is making a big push to get as many clients as they can especially with the announcment of their reduced commish for larger shares, but they have many issues to address starting with explaining what happened today. A lot of fellow traders are getting itchy and looking elsewhere. Thank You Brian
  6. PKJR


    i agree. today in the afternoon it was really bad. It made me looking into other firms like Hold Brothers/ ECHO and etc. More users means more problems in the long run. TWS is not really growing in functionalities and more load on the system means only more risk if their system goes down and you need to get someone on the phone to close positions.

  7. def

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    I didn't hear or read about any internal problems on the 17th and by the time I am reading this it is too late to call someone in the states. Hopefully things will be better today.

    As far as INCA, I came across a some info last week regarding some changes aimed at increasing the speed to INCA. I'm not sure if the problem was our programming or connection settings that would require cooperation with INCA personnel. In any event, there is no conspiracy - at least that I'm aware of :)
  8. gh1



    I can attest to the problems with the quote feed from Island on 17 May pm. i found that Best also was not matching my charting feed by a greater than normal margin (.01 to .02 points). It was out of market by .15 to .20 points at times!

    Geesh: i thought it was my system, so i just shut it down for the afternoon (missed a great short run in JNPR though!!)

    Is this a common occurance? I just moved my account to IB so i am not that familar with the nuances of the platform.

  9. def

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    I am just not aware of any problems yesterday. Hope I didn't come across as if I was in denial.

    Whatever happened yesterday is not a common occurance.
  10. BrianL


    Def, Thanks for the reply, believe me their was proplems.
    Also the response about INCA, okay they are looking into faster fills but why does it dissappear for use of a route completly, this doesn't make sense or if it is down for some type of repair why not notify? Thanks, Brian
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