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    Im new to the board and to forex. There is alot of information on this board and I have been digging through the good and bad. Im doing research on the market itself and on strategies. My demo account is in the negative so im not a "natural", but im in this for the long haul. So if you guys would be kind enough to answer some more newbie questions.

    1. Forex Basics Website?

    2. Online forex news and intl market reports or commentary?

    3. Free User friendly charts, with bollinger band, MACD, RSI, etc

    4. Which brokers charge commission and how much. I realize they take money from the spread, but i read on the boards that they also take commissions.

    5. Im an American working in Kuwait, been here for a couple years. Currently, per U.S. tax laws, i dont have to pay taxes on the first 80k i make at my job. What are the taxes like on my trading profits? I read about people wanting to go to countries that dont have taxes to avoid paying. In Kuwait nobody pays tax on anything. Is there a way I can get around paying taxes on my profits?

    For all people interested in the Iraqi Dinar it has been at the same rate for over a year now. $670 per million. This is the price at the local exchanges.

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    Basics - This one not specific to foreign exchange
    Almost any broker has also an educational section in their website.
    3. - realtime - history and practice
    Brokers usually dont charge commission
    they benefit the spreads - commonly 2 to 5 pips differing from ticker and brokers. Low spreads are important, but not the only thing to consider when chosing a broker !
    5. better consult a CPA for a reliable information.

    Merry christmas
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    Has some basic forex stuff.
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    great links. thanks
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