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    How do I go about this:

    *Buy a laptop with no pre-loaded software except a bare bones O.S. (By bare bones, I mean enough to fire the thing up and add whatever programs I like.)

    *Add programs as needed... Basically, my trading program, Firefox and a very, very, basic version of Word. That's it.

    I'm assuming some kind of Linux setup would allow me to do this? I'm just tired of all the crap that comes with a pre-loaded store bought computer.
  2. You're gonna have to go to a place that actually puts the thing together, maybe these guys could do it, and I'm sure there are others. I've used these guys before with good results.

    Good luck-

  3. bronks


    Thanks Don, nice website. Looks like I can get it built without anything except HD formatting. Might be what I'm looking for.

    Still would like to see a few more replies before I dive in.

    ...especially concerning the different Linux distributions for my application.
  4. bronks


    Well looks like I'll be going with SUSE 9.3 as an OS. After researching much here and there, it looks to be pretty stable and user friendly. I might try and find a laptop that's pre-loaded with it before trying to do it myself.

    comments more than welcomed.