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  1. it mean to get a look on a stock? Working right now as an intern.. at a small shop. When the broker says p/o - what does that mean.. sorry to ask such basic questions
  2. When a trader IM the floor broker and says get me a look on "stock" - and he replies slk 45m buy p/o - what does that mean??
    Is there a link that someone could recommend that can explain listed or OtC tradgin jargon? thx
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    why don't you ask him?
  4. I did, but didnt' really understand. I'm not on the trading desk right now and thought I'd ask someone here on the board to explain..
  5. I don't know any of this, but might be able to help, too tired to look myself right this moment
  6. thanks, I tried it, and came up empty.
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    i'm not being a jerk, but if you didn't understand why didn't you ask him again?
  8. because at the moment he was explaining various things... i took notes and this is one that I still dont' understand. I'm not a trader and was just allowed to sit next to him for a short while.
  9. When you find out, please us "old floor traders" know, LOL.


    Really...Spear, Leads has 45 thousand shares to buy....I've seen most everthing from "work the order" "yesterday's close or better" "VWAP" "matching" and all the normal FOK, IOC, etc., but p/o is new to me...we can all learn new things.

  10. I was told p/o means paired off. so i guess if the trader asks for a look on a stock and hes says 37m buy 80m p/o
    does the 80m mean it was crossed??
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