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  1. I just figured since Don had his own thread I would start my own.

    Feel free to ask anything. I am filled with self-importance for the moment. It's almost like self-publishing your own book.
  2. pspr


    What is your trading methodology. Please be specific and detailed. Also, please provide trading results for the last 24 months.

    Thanks! :D
  3. Does a chicken have lips? :p
  4. Arbitrage of one sort or another.

    Last 24 mos, up about 400k. It's been tough.
  5. Re your question about whether a chicken has lips.

    The answer is no, because even if it does I know a guy who works for Pilgrim's Pride whose job is to chop off the beaks of little chicks so they don't "damage" each other.

    Just imagine, working 8 hrs per day cutting off chicken beaks.
  6. nkhoi


    4 out of 5 dentists recommend sugarless gum. What does the 5th recommend?
  7. " 4 out of 5 dentists recommend sugarless gum. What does the 5th recommend?"

    Answer: A root canal when you really don't need one
  8. OK, I have a question for come you don't have the Firm that you work for listed by your name so that everyone will know how and where to find you? I thought I taught you better than that....LOL

    Oh, yeah, I will expect royalties for following my lead....or at least dinner with you and Mr. Joe...

    Still your friend, pal....


    Oh yeah, one more in the heck could you sell that beautiful house a few months before it went up in value by $150,000.....?? (If we only knew, eh?)...and is Costa Rica still on the horizon?
  9. WORK????????????????????????????

    That's a dirty word. You should know from your brother that we traders DON'T WORK.

    Consequently, as Jesse Jackson would say, "The question is moot"

    No ,Costa Rica isn't on the horizon, It's blocked by Red Rock .In fact, the dust is so bad, nothing is on the horizon!

    As to LIVING there, the answer is yes.

    I will be making an around the world trip with my buddy Aaron starting in June (1st class of course). The fare is only $13,250, which includes up to 14 stops on 6 continents. Don, he is finishing up school in Hong Kong and I have told him he must be able to say "NO sesame" in all Asian languages if he wants me to buy his ticket. I have managed to find the most expensive hotel in Thailand at $835 per room per night (2900 sq ft on the beach in Phuket). That should attract a liitle female attention.

    Now that you are aware I am not the one who called your office around Christmas asking to speak to "Ebeneezer Bright" I guess we are friends again. For the momemt.

  10. Dustin


    Do you use automation? If so, on entries, exits, or both?
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