questions to series 7, please help me.

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by roumeo, Jul 31, 2002.

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    I will take series 7 in a few days. I am using the passtrak series 7 book, which is in a very detail way. But I heard that there should be some updated information which is not listed in the book. So do you guys know where I can find those updated information from website or other sources. I hope that I can prepare for it perfectly.

    Some other ideas:
    these days, I found that less and less threads in the pro firm part. I can feel that less and less people are interested in the day trading now. maybe I am wrong. But I think that there were bubbles in the day trading too. Day trading is also an occupation. But too many people were heading for the money, not for the occupation, so when the market gets tougher, more and more people are out and less and less are getting in. And I also hope that company can choose people in a passive way too since this is an occupation. A lot of companies outside are choosing people on the street in order to get the high commission. I don't say that it is not good, but this is ruining the reputation of the industry. I started the "stupid worldco hiring process", and a lot of people said that I were bad mouthing that company. I did agree that a lof of top traders are from there, but the way to squeeze newbie is too dirty... My personal idea, hope that I didnot insult anyone. In my personal idea, I still like those companies, such as Schonfeld, FNYS, heartland and so on. At least, these companies treat their employees as an asset, not just a tool. Good luck to them in the future road.

    Happy trading to all of you guys.
  2. Maybe you could either ask the testing center where you plan to take the test (a long shot, I admit) or you could try contacting the NASD directly.

    On an OT side note, I had not seen the nasd site for a while. The black background stinks! The dark look of the site does little to instill confidence - the web design just seems sinister (imho).
  3. If you're getting 80% on your trial exams with Pass Perfect, you'll be fine with the real thing.

    Heres a tip for you that helped me. You'll get a book with examples in it, and it actually has examples of unrelated questions in it. Things like wording and flip through the example book when you start, check the documents, certificates and stuff....this will help.

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    Please help, what's PassPerfect?

  5. a test prep company
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    Which materials are with the most test questions?

  7. Pass Perfect is good, they provide an interactive CD-Rom that you can take practice tests with. The whole package is around $299 I think.

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    i am using passtrak, which is good for me. I have read the book twice. And my accurate shooting rate is around 90% average. Hope that I will be fine. I will try those final mock exams tomorrow to see whether I am really good enough. Anyone knows any discussion board related with those exams? thanks first.