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  1. By definition (always emphasized by Jack Hershey and his proteges):
    "In the same fractal, the point 2 of a parallelogram must be outside the prior parallelogram's RTL"

    I followed this definition strictly during annotation. I recently knew this was not apply to tape. Hahahaha, that is one of the reasons why I can't put the pieces together!

    Well, it's my problem. I don't have enough "critical thinking".

    Good! Lesson learnt. I need to think differently.

    Jack sometimes writes something wrong deliberately.

    I am now skeptical to what he said. (This is not an offensive comment)

    Definition can have exception!

    Why can't gaussian overlap??? Nobody said "gaussian cannot be overlapped"!!!

    I always see incomplete sequence.

    x2x(increasing) 2y 2x (expect increasing but sometimes decreasing!!!) and then start another new sequence (x2x...)

    This situation can only be explained with the concept of "gaussian overlap".
  2. My argument:

    My clarification:

    r2r2b2r or b2b2r2b : tape (or FF)'s gaussian
    R2R2B2R or B2B2R2B : traverse (or TF)'s gaussian
  3. The ES 5 min chart snippet

  4. The corresponding YM 2 min chart

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    When it comes to Jack here's the best advice I can give you.

    Which sense do you rely on when you're not sure of a certain food that you're about to consume has gone bad?

    Do you rely on your sight or your sense of smell?

    Why, it's the later, of course. Our brains were hardwired a long time ago to trust our sense of smell over every other sense.

    When it comes to anything Jack writes, remember this: if it looks like candy but smells like bullshit it ain't candy...
  6. Another question is about rocket. I think this question blocks many people.

    Every pattern has 3 moves: dom, non dom and dom.

    Rocket seems to be an exception : no non-dom FF

  7. Look closer. The non dom is right on that chart.

    Rocket, over 80 stoc, volume rising. Get in.

    B2R, get out.

    Don't over think this.
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    rocket and iceberg already taken try 'faster fractal'
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