Questions to ask (help for newbie)

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by nuton, Apr 7, 2003.

  1. nuton


    Could anyone give any advice as questions to ask firms I will be interviewing with soon, I've sent out about 25 resumes and started getting some feedback and already have one interview coming up.

  2. Ebo


    What is their policy on your expense account?
    What day do they order NoBu on the trading desk?
  3. maybe it would help if you gave some specifics as to what you are looking for...
  4. nuton


    what is NoBu
  5. nuton


    i am looking for a firm that doesn't require capital, doesn't necessarily give 100% payout so there is incentive for them to teach me.

    Also, a pretty reputable firm, not one that just anyone off the street can walk into, I do have a BBA and Series 7 & 63
  6. gms


    Nobu is a famous NYC japanese restaurant. I also recommend Danube if you have the chance.
  7. Ebo


    I hear NoBu is looking to train someone with a series 7!
  8. gms


    Nobu is a famous NYC japanese restaurant. I also recommend Danube if you have the chance.
  9. nuton


    I'm sorry, I'm even more confused now!

    I am trying to figure out whether or not these past couple of posts are supposed to be funny.
    :confused: :confused:

    Cause if they are, I hope you're a better trader than you are a comedian, for your own sake.
  10. Its ok buddy, don't worry to much. Be your self.

    The questions to ask are the ones you feel you want to.

    Ask them what its like at their firm. Ask them what the culture of their trading floor is like. Ask them if there is a casual friday. Ask them if they focus more on guidance vs. direct training. Ask them what the values of their firm is. Don't be who they want you to be. Be your self. Cause if you try to fit an image that is not you, and you do get the Job you will be miserable. You have to be true to your self above all. Also be fully dedicated. Your resume really just gets you in the door. Trading is an attitude. You are the keeper of your own destiny. Be confident in your ability to eventually master the art, but humble to the journey and learn from your mistakes.

    Look at it this way if they don't give you the chance someone else will, and who knows you might be a superstar. They need you just as much as you need them.

    Also flippant comments don't prove anything, they just prove you are a person who needs to judge others.

    ultimately this is going to be your path not anyone else your experience and what you learn is not going to be very comparable to anyone else.

    Display, passion, dedication, and at least some hint of intellect and they should hire you. Good luck
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