Questions, Pros and Cons of trading spot FX with IDealPro at IB?

Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by OddTrader, Jan 21, 2007.

  1. How about discussing the Questions, Pros and Cons of trading spot FX with IDealPro at IB? What are they?
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    Wow, I am actually online right now looking at the very same thing! Unfortunately, I need to step away but will be back later. So far I don't see any negatives....


  3. Basically I do think IDealPro is a great platform, provided certain improvements have to be considered.

    How about this "partial fill" issue:
    "Beware - critical flaw in IB Ideal Pro"

    Every user could have a chance encountering this problem, isn't it? How can we avoid this problem completely?
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    Hmmmm, also the issue of trading away from my base currency and taking a hair cut on the way back. Looks like they're upgrading to fix the partial fill issue. funny, my a.d.d. kicked in and i went straight to the end of the thread where I saw your post inquiring as to the status of that fix...guess i don't have to read the whole thread! I haven't traded currency futures yet but maybe that's the answer...

  5. Update below:

  6. I think the partial fill issue would become lesser significant when trading orders of relatively large size, say 300,000 units. But it would be still an annoying and cumbersome issue.