questions on using NinjaTrader to manage multi accounts

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by enlightedtrader, Sep 14, 2007.

  1. I have two accounts at IB(one Universal account, one IRA account). I want to have NinjaTrader to manage both of the accounts. I know I can accomplish this by using Account Groups feature in NinjaTrader. I have some questions regarding Account Groups:

    Below is what I have copied from Ninjatrader's website:

    (Account Groups allow you to group individual accounts into a group account. These account groups will show up in any of the order entry interface's account selection list. If selected, any order placed will be replicated and sent to each account that belongs to the group.

    NOTE: Subsequent cancellations and or order modifications will NOT be replicated against each order, you must manage each replicated order

    Is it true that subsequent cancellations and order modifications will not be replicated against each order? Why is that? If that's the case, that will be very inconvenient to manage multi accounts since each order will have to be managed individually if there is any subsequent cancellations and or order modifications.

    Any information and advice to get around this problem is highly appreciated.