Questions on Equity Account Management and Futures Execution

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    TOPS is expected to release ehancements on May 18 that will improve the ability to view the status of an individual order and the true position of an account with reference to that particular order. In addition, since execution of the Futures markets will be integrated with the Order Bar in the next major release, there will be enhanced futures account management capabilities.

    It is not TradeStation Securities' policy to place any client on hold. However, in extreme cases a client may be asked to hold momentarily, and only to accept and execute live orders from other clients.

    In a future release of TradeStation, the Account Manager will fully reflect any trade-related charges, such as commissions, on a per trade basis in the Statistics Tab of the Account Manager. The only charges that will appear purely on the month-end statement are exchange/data fees and debit interest expense.

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