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    I have been a swing trader for years. I have never attempted to be a day trader. Resently I have been contacted by a firm and
    the deal is I trade at their facilities and the cost is $1 per ticket. There is not any additional expense.

    I get about $15 for order flow per ticket(I am not sure how big the trade should be), absorb all loses and get 70% of wins. Initial investment is $5000 and no Series 7 is required.

    What am I missing? Is it that hard to be even in day trading? Is 70% payout acceptable? What other information I should ask for? Does it sound to easy or it is ignorance?

    I would appreciate any serious responses


  2. What amount of margin will they give you? Does the 70% payout get higher if your account balance increases?

    At Green Tree Trading you get 85% of profits from $5,000 to $10,000 account, and 100% payout over $10,000. Their margin rates are enormous (10 times). Their monthly fees for this are about $400 a month. You do not need a Series anything license either, and can trade from their offices (although there are not very many locations) or from your own computer.

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