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  1. If I:

    -create a click event for an object on a windows form, then rename the object in its properties tab, the event stub in the code (from double clicking the object when it had its first name before i renamed it) retains the same (old) name in the code...any way i can get the fucker to re-check all of the stubs and rename/delete accordingly?

    -create a click event for an object on a windows form, then delete the object from the form, the click event stub persists and the compiler will give me an error saying i am missing a reference (or something like that; not exactly sure offhand)

    this is in C# projects..

    also, if i collapse a method or class with the little + at the left margin, how can i get it to stay that way until i manually expand it?

    thanks alot in adv,
  2. Don't believe so - double-clicking the object just creates a stub for you to work from - it's not synchronized code generation. Programmer still has to assume some responsibility.
  3. It's like that since the origin of IDE fromMicrosoft and has persisted :D. Because an "object" is not really an object in their IDE just a code snippet. Nothing would prevent them to rename automatically but maybe they wait for the 100th version of VS :D

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    Within Whidbey or the newest release of Visual Studio 2005 Commnuity Preview they introduced refactoring which allows you to solve your above mentioned problems quite easily.
  5. thanks for the answers. i'm looking forward to that refactoring...:D
  6. cool page- thanks!
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    Why not ask these types of questions in a more suitable website like

    I don't see how this relates to trading. You'll likely get more responses at Microsoft's website don't you think?
  8. i like it here.

    my questions are based on problems i encounter while trying to write trading-related codes...

    for example, at you will see that someone else here had the same issues that i did...

    and i couldn't be as frank or objective here...i can say "microsoft sucks" and it won't get edited...
  9. dya know if the borland shit has refactoring? e.g. c#builder?

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