Questions For Taking Action

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    1) What are you missing out on in your life by not having the money you truly deserve? Write down all of the PAIN and FRUSTRATION you presently experience in your life,
    by not having the level of wealth you deserve

    2) What do you get if you had true financial independence in your life? List everything out. (What does your ultimate dream life look like? Where are you? What are you

    3) How would you feel if your answers to (2) above were your daily reality?

    4) Go to your ultimate life, now. Turn around and look behind you. What did you do to get there? What actions did you take? List out 3 things you did to reach it.

    I copy pasted the above questions from a free report I got from Greg Secker. I thought they were quiet a good way to motivate yourself into action. I hope you enjoy it. Actually you could add a visualization part to that exercise as well
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