Questions for people familiar with IB TWS

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    1. How do you display the combined greek values for your entire portfolio? In the portfolio window, I am only able to add a DELTA column, but not gamma/theta/vega columns.

    2. How can you build a combo order with more than 4 legs?

    3. How can you view the combined greek values for a position you've built, but don't want to transmit yet?

    4. If you've built a position of limit orders and are now looking to transmit them, how do you update the limit price of each order to make sure it's at midpoint before you transmit it? I know using a calculator and entering it manually is one way, but you'd think IB has some function for this.

    5. After you've transmitted the limit orders, the option price moves around but the limit order does not. How do you update the order to make sure it's always at midpoint? Also if it's possible, can you select what midpoint you want, for example skew it a little towards the bid-side to increase the odds of a fill?
  2. 5. After order is submitted, click on price in trading, change price and then select update.
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    But that requires a manual re-adjustment of the price, no?
  4. 1 = analytical tools -> risk navigator
  5. 3 = right click on your item, click "what if" , open new "what if"
    the next one has the choice "new" or "existing" what if.
  6. Write a program to the api. Beware of the cancellation fee for stock options. If you update an existing price i don't think there is a cancellation fee.
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    So the only way to set midpoint prices for a limit order is to write an API? Are you sure there isnt another way? I looked at the various IB order types, they have something called "pegged-to-stock", in which an options order price continously adjust according to this formula: Option B/A midpoint + (Delta * Stock price change). The only problem...You have to enter the delta value yourself. So if the option delta changes around as the stock moves up and down, you'll have to change the delta of the order manually. Great.

    Maybe there are some other order types, any suggestions?

    Also, I tried the "What-if" Risk Navigator. It's calculating my portfolio greeks all wrong. According to the Risk Navigator, I have +859 deltas. But according to the main portfolio window, I only have 100 or so.

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