Questions for Optional777:

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  1. If you could could ask Optional777 any personal question you wished, and <b>actually be able to get a straight answer</b>, what would your question be?

    Here are some possibilities that come to mind:

    When was the last time you had sex?

    When was the last time you had sex with an adult?

    When was the last time you had sex with an adult female human?

    Why are you obsessed with Sarah Palin? Does she remind you of someone from your past?

    How do you support yourself? Or rather, is the disability check sufficient to cover all of your expenses?

    Do you have any children? And if so, where are they currently incarcerated?

    Most people attempt to appear intelligent to get people to like them. You prefer to appear stupid in attempt to make people hate you… Why would anyone do this?
  2. When was the last time you had sex with an adult human female that you didn't have to pay for?

    What is your affiliation with ET that causes moderators such as resinate and Joe to delete posts and even entire threads that point out your hypocrisy, obfuscation, and general nastiness?

    Why do you think it is appropriate to tell another ET member with whom you disagree with that you hope a pedophile gets to his children?
  3. And why are you the only one keeping this pedophelia thing alive? You would think that if a real threat or genuinely destructive comment was made that corrective action would have been taken and that you would have removed your children from that spotlight as soon as possible. And yet you shamelessly now drag them into just about every personal beef you have. Time to leave your kids alone and fight your own battles.

    I often get into disputes with Z, if perhaps not political, then certainly on most matters pertaining to religion. He's not one of my favorite people here. But seriously, stop exploiting your children here for personal advantage. It's distasteful.
  4. Lucrum


    He's not the only one.

    (IF I were a spelling Nazi like you, I'd point out that you misspelled pedophilia)
  5. So you're trying to keep the issue alive as well? For the children, or for your own selfish purposes? Rather hard to tell from here.
  6. You pedo freaks need to turn to the page already. That's some tired old shit.

  7. Please spare us your sanctimonious bullshit.

    Yeah, you would have thought as soon as the vile creature made those comments it would have been banned permanently, but the powers that be - moderators and owner alike - decided better to cover its tracks by deleting its posts and threads and pretending it never happened.

    So I bring it up every once in a while to remind people what sort of a despicable creature it is. If you don't think pedophilia should be taken seriously, that's your deficiency to deal with.
  8. Lucrum


    A Z10 apologist?
  9. Precisely. And while you're at it, stop incessantly dragging your innocent kids into your arguments and using them as pawns.
  10. Glad you agree you're full of sanctimonious bullshit. You're also dumb. My kids are indeed innocent, and were the focus of the despicable comments the creature made. So I have every right to remind people as to the true nature of the reZZZident troll.

    If you don't think pedophilia should be taken seriously, and feel that such comments by your beloved favorite troll are a joking matter, that's your deficiency to deal with.
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