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  1. I'm researching getting a new system for trading. I'm thinking of getting a Dell XPS or Dimension desktop and want to run two widescreen monitors either a pair of 19" or 20" or 22". During trading hours, I'll be planning to run e-Signal, Fidelity's Active Trader Pro, WealthLab, an Excel spreadsheet with some active links to e-Signal's data manager, email, and a browser focused on news and trading info.

    While I thought I might need a higher end system such as the XPS410/Dimension 9200, I get the impression that may not be necessary and I might be able to get by with the E520 or E521 - perhaps shifting my budget funds to a faster processor in the lower systems. I'm not looking for a luxury system - just one that will be adequately speedy and won't need replacement in two years cause new versions of the trading software overpower the system. When not trading, I'll be running some other applications as well such as photo editing software.

    I'm not interested in building my own - no time. I've had some Dell notebooks and when needed service, found the support I received and response time good. Actually, as time is a premium, I want to minimize shopping at multiple vendors to put the system together.

    From reading this board, it sounds like I should get a PNY Nvidia Quadro NVS 285 video card to drive the two monitors. Would this replace the standard video card that would come with the system or is this an extra card to drive the second monitor? Are there other cards I should consider instead of the PNY "285"

    Any recommendations or "gotcha's" I should look out for?

    Also, on the issue of Vista vs XP. If I order from Dell's Home & Home Office division, it appears I would have to get Vista - I would figure Vista Home Premium. Other than potential short term compatibility issues, are there significant reasons or gotcha's to avoid Vista? I'd rather not have to deal with upgrading the OS in a year or so when all has settled down for the new OS. I might wait to buy until updates/new versions for Vista compatibility are released for the key software I run. From the Small Business Division the same systems could be ordered with either XP or Vista. Are there any other reasons to go through Small Business division rather than Home Office? The last laptop I bought, we got slightly better pricing through Home Office division for the XPS version compared to the same system with the Inspiron label through Small Business.

    Thanks for any advice.
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    I'd suggest sticking with Windows XP. I don't think a lot of software vendors are truly ready for Vista. Stock packages are probably not high on Microsoft's compatibility list. I heard stories about eSignal problems but am not an eSignal user. You'll also need more RAM just for VISTA itself.

    I'd go with a Dell Core2 Duo with the 4 MB cache. I bought one during their year-end sale. I've always built up my own machines but I could not resist the < $600 price they were offering. If you add a video card on your own you'll probably have problems with Dell support, but it sounds as though you require it. The E520 comes with a built-in video controller you'll probably have to disable via the BIOS. Dell offers a dual display option because the setup instructions cover it, but the type of video card is not mentioned. I'm using the E520 to run IB's TWS and using the IB datafeed to run Neuroshell Daytrader so I just need a single display. I've been running that machine against IB's paper trading account and dry-running new strategy's developed for Neuroshell's autotrade capability. No glitche\slowdowns except my own. CPU usage is normally in the 10% range during trading hours. Neuroshell, when I'm optimizing new ideas, sucks up one processor for itself so CPU usage is about 50%. I've also run Excel during the day with no noticeable effect on TWS/Neuroshell.

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    You can always build your own system, not for the sake of cheaper but selecting things which serve your requirements the best.

    I am currently relying on 2 laptops and two Dell widescreen 24" to trade but I
    found this setup is not good enough (I want to have 4-6 big LCDs). Spent a week researching to find a new workstation but non of Dell/HP/IBM stuffs give me a good combination, I decided to build it myself.

    Here is my system spec (expect to get the parts tomorrow and assembly them over the weekend)
    - Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 (8mb cache - this is important)
    - 2GB RAM (this may need to be upgraded)
    - 250 Gb harddrive (8mb cache, 7200rpm - cache size is very important)
    - 2 Grph cards 7600GS with dual DVI output for each card
    - Gigabyte mother board supports 2 PCI-E x16 for graphic cards
    - 4 Dell 24" widescreen LCDs (got 2, need to order 2 more)

    I have problem with PC noise that's why I use 2 laptops, however with new system, I carefully choose stuffs which dont generate much noise (no fan with the graphic cards, "quiet" power supply). I think the most noisy one would be the cpu fan. I will order a 12cm fan to replace the standard cpu fan. If the noise is still above my acceptance, I will get a water cooling pack for it. I will report the speed/noise of my new system soon to help you guys choosing the one suit you the most
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    And for the OS.

    WinXP - Vista

    I choose WinXP, main reason is my system is solely used for trading, I dont need a glossy/heavy/buggy OS
  6. man, your trading computers are faster than my gaming computer. :D

    My trading computer is a 1Ghz @ 266FSB with 40G hard drive and a very old video card. It has 512M ram. The CPU was considered fast in 2001. I wouldnt be surprised if some modern dishwashers and alarm clocks have more processing power than my system.
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    I finished assembly my system. The noise level is surprisingly low. I dont think I need a super-quiet CPU fan to replace the standard CPU cooler anymore, neither the water cooling system. Just ordered another LCD (to make it 3 LCDs), will post the picture soon
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    any duo core computer will be plenty powerful for trading.

    what you need is lots of memory... 2~4 GB.

    and lots of screens. 2 is not enough. Start with a min of 4.
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