Questions for IB Users...

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by killer007, Sep 10, 2010.

  1. I was shorting a stock today but at the end of the 45 min of the trading day. a popup appear saying that i have to get out of this short position or by the T-Reg, you might get pull out from the market.

    So is that mean i can't short at the end of the day with IB or i have to closed my short position before the market end which is 4:00pm?

    Also, did you guys get any commission rebate from IB?
    I been using IB for couple of months but i didn't see any rebate by putting limit orders.
    or the commission for the SEC too high?

  2. Bob111


    you have to post exact message
    maybe you short/bought too much on margin and have to close it to meet OVERNIGHT margin requirements?

    as for rebates-last few days are very slow and i'm not getting much either..maybe IB changed something in their "smart for them" routing..but they do exist-
  3. ah thanks

    ah...i didn't take the msg down
    maybe i will do that next time when it come up...

    maybe as your said the overnight margin thing

    ya the rebate is not going up too much...
    not sure if it is the smart setup...