Questions for Don Bright

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by jpomerenke, Jun 22, 2002.

  1. do you give out profit sharing deals to college students with very little money for a deposit? Like worldco??
    also what is the Omaha office like??
  2. don??
  3. We have internship programs at several colleges and unversities in the U.S. (and you can request the program at any shcool). Many students have gotten full course credits for the semester (3 or 4 units), and then if they show promise, we have allowed them into a profit sharing program.

    The Omaha office is small, but nice. We have only a handful of successful traders there (we haven't really tried to expand the location, but are willing to).

    Feel free to call me to discuss....

  4. If a student prefers not to get course credit for an internship ( a few just wanted to learn about trading), we have allowed that as well.

    We provide study materials to students for the Series7, offer our training course in Las Vegas, and allow the visitation of other locations, to learn different strategies prior to trading.

    That's all...