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  1. Is this a joke question?

    08/27/10 SEPT contract volume reported by the CME

    big S&P 15,186
    emini S&P 2,540,284

    Long past time to terminate the S&P pit and give us the big S&P on Globex RTH.
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  2. What were those numbers 5 years ago ?
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  3. And what relevance are the numbers from 5 years ago ???

    Just for fun here is the 08/26/05 SEPT contract volume reported by the CME

    big S&P 26,992
    emini S&P 576,260

    Even 5 years ago the emini was stomping all over the pit.
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  4. I will say I have no issues with slippage on the ES throughout the day. I trade the EC early in the day and have no slippage there either. Also with volume comes commission discounts which makes it competitive. I would love to get back to equities, and equity options, but so far I can do the same dollar wise in futures. It seems most equity firms aren't fond of simpleton equity traders who use options. Options require a whole new margin knowledge, and dollar commitment for the equity firms on the prop side.
    I will also say, and if Don or Mav want to say I'm lazy I won't argue, but I have no desire to study for the damn Series 7. I have sat down and read the material, but I'm making money so the desire to "prove myself" by taking some phony exam just isn't there. I am looking into this Bear Trading to have equity trading going with my futures work, but having a hard time getting info on who they are and if they are a solid firm. For me Bright and Mav's firm do offer a good reputation and they have no issue discussing it. That is worth something in the world of scams these days.
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  5. Well that will certainly be a shock to my brother when I pass this along, LOL.

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  6. FORtraders who know how to use the ECNs to route orders and get liquidity rebates.......SPY is the way to go
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