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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by Maverick74, Aug 19, 2010.

  1. ScottSam


    Come on, .0002 is the Canadian firms standard and has been for a few years now. And volume is usually not even an issue.
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  2. Maverick74


    You pay .20 per thousand shares? I know a lot of firms at $2 per thousand, but not .20.
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  3. ScottSam


    Yes, 20 pennies.

    But it's not with a 100% payout obviously, or the firms would go under real quick.

    Still, it will make an important difference on the bottom line if one's trading involves some measure of volume.
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  4. Looks like it's time to rename the thread to "Questions for Maverick" :p
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    Yeah tell me about it. This is the last time I start a thread for Don. Sheesh. I bet if I start talking about the 80/20 rule that will get him back in here.
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  6. Mav: Have you ever been a politician? If you have not been, I bet you would have a good chance if you were to try. As for trading, how much would your firm pay for great market timing signals (paid based on performance) ? How many traders you have at your firm?
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  7. maverick,

    dude you seem like a decent guy.... but kinda seem more of a woman who is never wrong..... just curious are you male or female?
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    lolololol screaming ,,,, lolol .... choking.... :D :) :D
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    Steelhead, you have been on ET for 6 years now. Come on now, you know damn well nobody is wrong on ET.
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  10. I'm not a fan of the product(s) either, actually. My only point is that when we charge too much for futures (not set up for trading them with GS) vs. price buying and selling equities. Similar movements...that's all.

    I'm sure that there are those with cost structures that may make it a better bang for your buck.

    Old fashioned too...I tend to see (or at least think I see, LOL) a slight lag between the e's and underlying baskets and ETF's.


    Edit: my "scalpers" - long time traders seem to be able to make money with these stupid things...not suggested for everyone.

    Edit 2: My brother is "capped" on costs, and may trade 2000 or more e's per day....but also trades the ETF's. Just for disclosure purposes.
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