questions for day/swing traders

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by cashmoney69, Jan 4, 2006.

  1. For those of you that swing trade and day trade

    ** please tell me what kind of trader you are before answering the below q's **

    1. would you consider day trading , why/ why not? (swing trader)

    2. what is your risk tolerance on any given trade?

    3. how long do you hold onto a position?..3 days..a week...3 weeks?... (swing trader)

    4. how many hours a week do you spend researching each stock ?

    5. how do you pick your stocks? nasdaq has like over 9,000... do you use some kind of software or do you just follow the stocks on cnbc?

    6. who is your broker and what other software or services do you use that your broker does not provide. ?

    7 what index do you trade on? nasdaq, why?

    8. do you own more than one stock or just devote all your time to one stock rather than many?


    1. is it possible to day trade futures and options like stocks or are we looking at a longer time frame, and how long?.. weeks..months..years...?
  2. do you think swing trading is more profitable then scalping and does nasdaq have more potential then nyse equities for bigger moves
  3. Geez, you ask this question on every thread. Just try it out and see for yourself. I am sure you can make more trading Nasdaq but you could also lose a lot faster too.

  4. sorry i guess im just looking for reassurance since im jumping into something new getting out of my comfort zone well i traded nasdaq for theirs time friday made 120 trading 100 and 200 shares lots just a lucky first day trading small size hydL and pten were my stocks i traded that day
  5. Thats good, keep trying it with small size until you get more comfortable. The only way to learn is to take small, calculated risks and build from there.

  6. thank you Steve