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  1. I am a christian.
    I believe in Jesus Christ. (settle down, Gekko)
    I am a theistic evolutionist.

    I'm extremely curious in hearing from other christians on two matters:

    1) If you're of the opinion that accepting evolution = not believing in God, why do you hold this opinion?

    2) What do you think it says about the foundation of ones faith if it could be destroyed through the acceptance of ToE?

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  4. yeah, i know this wasn't directed at me, but...

    isn't there the common claim that god created man in his image or something? you telling me man just appeared on earth as he is today??? what about the ape-like creatures before us? CLEARLY, we evolved from ape-like creatures and DID NOT just appear here as we are today.


    when there is more holes in your religion than swiss cheese, MAYBE IT'S TIME TO QUESTION YOUR RELIGION ALL TOGETHER. think about it, if there is REAL, CONTRARY EVIDENCE to the ridiculous claims of the bible, MAYBE THE BIBLE IS BUNK???????

    i really do not understand how some of you religious people can say you accept evolution AND the bible. YOU'RE CONFLICTED. aphexcoil is a perfect example of a CONFLICTED INDIVIDUAL. he understands some science but is still messed up because of the religious nonsense still in his mind. religion is bs made up by osama bin laden type cavemen. stop trying to fit it into the real world.
  5. One could lose their faith in the Bible and maintain their faith in Christ. One could conclude that the Bible is the work of men, yet continue to believe that Christ was sent by God to help men reach God.

    One could believe in the theory of evolution, and because the theory of evolution doesn't explain what is the cause of evolution itself (it simply studies a process), one could yet believe in God as the creator of the evolutionary process, and believe that God is behind the continuing evolutionary process.

    The issue really comes down to whether or not evolution is by design or by random chance. Some say it is natural to existence, but when you ask them the cause of this "natural" existence, they are mute.

    There is no conclusive evidence that evolution is by random chance over design, as it is quite difficult to prove an event is random, until you can rule out all other possibilities.

    And even if it is random, that doesn't rule out that God doesn't randomly act as what appears as the process of evolution from our limited perspectives.

    If God acts by His design in a random manner, is it really random from our perspective....or is it part of a bigger plan?

  6. "we evolved from ape-like creatures and DID NOT just appear here as we are today."

    Apparently you haven't heard the term "missing link."

    There is no absolute proof that man evolved from apes or ape like creatures.

    That is why it is a "theory" and not a fact.

  7. that is garbage.

    in 2004, evolution is still only a theory if you're a f*cking idiot.
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  9. Try telling that to physician geneticist Francis Collins, Director of the National Human Genome Research Institute. He's only one of the most brilliant men of our time with a Ph.D in physical chemistry from Yale, as well as a Medical Degree from Univ of North Carolina.

    Here's a 60 minute MP3 from a speech he made on the topic of science and faith:

    In any event, let's hear from those who can actually answer the questions and not just give more cumbersome opinion.

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