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Discussion in 'Backup and Security' started by r.miner, Feb 28, 2010.

  1. r.miner


    ok im planning on going with ESET antivirus. Which version should I get Smart Security 4 or NOD32?

    also those of you guys who use it, I noticed the same comment being used "its light and doesnt hog down the comp" is that really true? Will ESET make me add anything to my browser? I know avg has this stupid toolbar that I hate I wouldnt want that

    Also planning on going with Malwarebytes, should I go with the free version or get the full version? pros/cons? im not trying to be cheap here im just curious to know if there is someone here who had the free trial and then bought the full version and realized that maybe the free version is better or more light weight?

    Last thing, Spybot S&D...would this conflict with Malwarebytes? is it worth it to download this also?

    Now I know i usually run the antivirus every other day, sometimes i get too caught with work and run it at the end of the week, but those of you guys who use malwarebytes and spybot, do you run it daily? Every other day?

    Thanks ahead of time,
  2. rwk


    I have been using NOD32 for several years. I turned off the splash screen and tagging of emails, which are on by default. On my old computer, I sometimes disabled NOD32 temporarily while I did big file transfers or downloads. So far, my new system has been fast enough that I haven't bothered doing that.

    I run Malwarebytes every few months. I quit running Spybot because it never seemed to find anything. I rarely do virus scans with NOD32. I have never been infected with a virus, but my antivirus has caught a few. The worst things seem to be tracking cookies which I find mildly annoying.
  3. I switched to ESET smart security 4 a month ago. So far, so good. I also run Malwarebytes daily and always before I shut PC off. This saved me once because malwarebytes found the virus setup file ready to be installed next time I was to turn my PC on. That setup.exe was downloaded to by PC from a very legitimate website I cannot mention.