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Discussion in 'Politics' started by cartm, Oct 10, 2003.

  1. cartm


    I have ben looking for 4 things and was wondering if anyone could help.

    1. Energy drinks have been discussed here, but I am looking for one WITHOUT caffeine but WITH ginseng, b12 etc, if anyone can rec a few or even one, would be most appreciated.

    2. I need a new media/audio player. I am tired of mediaplayer, have tried music jukebox, winamp, and a few others, even pressplay (now napster2).....basically I just want one where building playlists is easy and I can get the fade between songs. So if anyone knows of one feel free to share, gracias.

    3. Currently have the quad matrox but am getting a 2nd computer. As I will be putting this one together myself (why I do this is beyond me) was wondering if anyone has used or experience ATI's new all in wonder I believe the 9000. What is your opinion of it, worth 280 $$?

    4. Does anyone have a good incline reversion? stamina or hangups? I am looking into it and wouldn't mind user experiences.

    Thanks to all replies.............rgds..........cartman
  2. cartm


    Ok I found the first 3. But does anyone know 4? My lower back has been a pain, and I have heard good things, but wanted to tap the elite minds to hear opinions etc. I have done dd, google, sporting goods stores etc but would like to hear from anyone that knows anything about 4 good or bad. TY
  3. Try RealPlayers it very good and uses much less resources when compared to most of the others.

  4. bronks


    Care to share the energy drink you found, with us? (#1)