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  1. In the last 3 days this has come up in my Zone Alarm virus scan, trojan-downloader.script.generic. It was quarintined each time and I then went in and deleted it also. I ran a scan after I deleted the first two times it showed up and the scan was clean, but the next day when I run the scan in the afternoon it is back. I left it in quarintine today and am running another scan now.
    Does anyone know anything about this particular trojan/virus or whatever it is? I did a search on Yahoo and I get a couple links that link me to Kapersky, but it doesn't explain what it is or how to make sure it is gone for good. If you've run into it before I'd be interested to hear if you had to do anything beyond a scan to get it off your system, or any other info. you may have on it.
  2. the only good trojan is a dead trojan

    I can post a site address right now that will infect you with a sophisticated trojan just by viewing the site

    no downloading, no clicking on anything, just visiting.

    And you can have the most expensive anti virus and firewall.

    Nothing will help

    as long as you are able to detect this thing you quarantined, it is weak
  3. if you keep redetecting it

    you are infected

    Low level format is the only option
  4. So, how do you delete that trojan? Is it even detectable?

    The last time my computer repeated detected a trojan, my computer won't boot up. I had to reformat my hard drive and reinstall everything. :(

    To the OP, I hope you have backup everything by now. :)

  5. it is not enough to format

    you must delete partitions and build new ones

    Ever heard of Rootkits these things will survive any format you can throw at them

    These fuking hackers can get your IB pass and username

    they can empty your account man :eek:
  6. Consider running Firefox with No Script after that. I have had very good luck with Avast. A couple of instances it blocked a website with a trojan before it could load.
  7. every time I log into ET I fell like ive been infected

    and LuckyStrike77, a recent nick, is being hysterical.

    unlikely you would have to reformat, but you will have to identify the problem and properly deal with it.
  8. I felt that way too. Good thing I just got my Firefox (switching back from Google Chrome) and got the Noscript Addon.

    This is what the Noscript Addon is showing on ET.

    I hope those are safe, but I am blocking them anyway.
  9. I did another scan this morning that Zome Alarm claims looks for root kits and all the good stuff. Supposedly the system is clean. I did Malwarebytes the other day, but will run it again today also. Another question, if all of todays scans show clean do you think I'm clear to do a backup and the backup should be safe? My last back up is a month old which wouldn't kill me, but I would like a more recent. This maybe nuts, but I may get a new drive and put the backup on it and then leave this drive in and go through a couple websites the kids go to play games and see if it is one of those where this came from, or maybe the videos they watch on youtube and Google.
    I'm not a violent person usually, but I would love to get the SOB's that make this malware crap and do some bamboo shoots uner the nails as well as some water torture. Maybe a little electricity in the mix too.
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