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    1. As traders, let's assume that we like to tithe 10% of our profits to charity. This seems like a typical amount. So the first question here is: Since our income isn't known in advance, should we tithe only once a year, or once a month, or once a week, or....?

    2. Let's say a trader averages $5000/month in profits, and tithes 10% of his profits every month to charity. All of a sudden, one month he loses $2000. What should he do if he makes $5000 again the following month? Tithe $500? Or subtract his prior month $2000 loss and then tithe $300?

    3. When people suggest tithing 10% of their income to charity, are they generally speaking about gross income or net income after taxes?

    Thanks for any insights,
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    • If you are speaking to the TV is on income..
    • If you are speaking to the Red according to this years infrastructure budget...

    • If you are speaking to not one is worthy...
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    Math W;
    1]Good questions;
    best to refer back to original Word, but usually average weekly,on increase.
    Interesting, not many mention Old testament Children of Israel average [2 tithes]= 20%,+10% evey 3rd year +offerings[about 23.33% plus offerings average ]

    2]However you figure it;
    dont be like one clown & ask for some tithe back from the church/synagog, during tough time.


    3]Most mention gross ,gross increase;
    most everyone in USA gets some benefit on taxes-roads- library,policeman.....Most would consider a home office an increase;
    even though CPA can sometimes write them off as exspense.

    Dont think any are suggesting/commanding to tithe off like ,gross off leveraged real estate, which may not be 10% per week .Or grocery business may not even be 10%. Its about 3% weekly in grocery business. Glad DR Pat Robertson mentioned if you make 3 % weekly in grocery business, you tithe,offerings off increase, not go 7% in hole[paraphrase]

    Probably one of the best ways to do it, [maybe someday];
    make enough to give away 90%, live on 10%:cool:
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    Yeah but they got vacations packaged with the deal.
  4. He he.......

    Murray, i thought the point of the arrangement, was the principle was do unto other's there, not-withstanding the fact that originally, the church wasnt a bank- amounts input dont equal lending capacity etc.
    Super. But was that back in the day, When king's charges whatever tax, providing little or nothing in return, as the representatives of god, or-was the tithing concept you mention, actually in concert with, practically opposed to, or seperate altogether from governmental taxation?

    It has to be asked-were churches ACTUALLY charitable organisations, if so on what premise, vis a vie the government at the time- and , more importantly now, would it be tax deductable?

    Just a question.:)

    The definition you provided of "income", surprisingly enough, is somewhat different to modern tax laws.......
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    Maybe Will Aramony needs a new car for his GF, or Oral is going on vacation?

    William Aramony (born 1927) was a U.S. administrator. He served as the president of the United Way between 1970 and 1992

    He was fired from his position as President on 28 February 1992 after irregularities surfaced in his spending and management practices.

    Aramony was convicted in 1995 on 25 counts including conspiracy to defraud, mail fraud, wire fraud, transportation of fraudulently acquired property, engaging in monetary transactions in unlawful activity, filing false tax returns and aiding in the filing of false tax returns.

    During the three-week trial, prosecutors portrayed Aramony as a corrupt womanizer who spent hundreds of thousands of dollars of the charity's money to finance flings with young women and trips to Egypt, London, Paris and Las Vegas, among other places.

    The amount Aramony defrauded United Way was estimated to be US$1.2 million, taking into account such things as untraced trips and gifts.

    Oral Suer was the CEO of the United Way in the Washington, DC Area from 1974 to 2002.

    In 2002 he was charged of defrauding his organization of several hundred thousand dollars through misuse of leave salary, misreporting expenses such as billing private travel to his company and drawing retirement benefits from the UNWCA retirement fund while he was still working there.

    Are any charities worth it? Seems, like ES said, most of the donated money goes to infrastructure, fraud, or the administration's huge and ridiculous salaries. The starving kid gets maybe a blanket, after the local warlords are paid off... :mad:
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    I thought God likes a cheerful giver. Not a methodical, obligated one.

    2 Cor 9:7
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    Tithing is for our benefit as well as the church. With every commandment, there is a promise.
    Giving money to a charity is a gift, not a tithe.
    If someone in the church is a thief, that does not abrogate responsibility to tithe. Judas was a thief and he held the money bag. :)
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    Ah, symantics (sp?). I don't want to be picky here, but tithing generally refers to gifts to the church like you said, but it also can mean giving 10% of your income to charity.

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    You are right. I didn't wish to imply that I wanted to be a methodical obligated giver. Just the opposite. I was just curious about the framework surrounding tithing. Once I understand the general tithing framework, then I can apply my own rules and come up with my own way of tithing. Sort of like buying a trading system, then tweaking it to fit your needs.

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