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  1. Do the T-bills have futures? Where to trade them? Do they have electronics trading?

  2. yes. IB. yes
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    Since we're on the subjects of T-Bills, let me add in a few questions. :D
    (Warning, they are quite newbish)

    1. Can the T-Bills futures contract be actually exercised in order to obtain T-Bills?

    2. Is it possible to cash in T-Bills to get their face value in the case of international traders not residing in the United States?
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    Are you trying to launder money?

    nitro :confused:

  6. As a rule the people on these boards trade the futures contracts and would rather gnaw off a limb before actually taking delivery of anything, let alone anything called a 'bill.'

    Regardless of any advice you are going to get here, you are going to have to do some basic research anyway - so why not just start there? As a confessed newbie, the process will be valuable in and of itself.

    You can start at the CBOT with the contract specs for the futures contract. You might also go to for information on US government debt securities.

    Have fun ...
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    T Bill futures trade at the CME but volume has dried up. close to 0, and been replaced by the ED. You can't take delivery, cash settlement, and they are sold in the cash market at a discount and you receive par at maturity only. Hope that answers all.
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    Actually, that didn't answer my question. (wahahaha :D )

    Hmmm let me rephrase it:

    -How should a non-US private investor go about purchasing T-Bills?

    -How are T-Bills "cashed in" for its face value at maturity for non-US private investors?

    Actually, I was thinking of dumping all my cash on buying and cashing in T-Bills upon maturity since its essentially FREE money. (though with crap for returns...0.1% anyone?)
  9. Your question has been answered perfectly. That is about the politest response I can muster.

    "buying and cashing in T-Bills upon maturity since its essentially FREE money. "

    Uggh, that is frightening pal. But best of luck to you.