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    What's the consensus on Chicago Trading Company (CTC)? Does anyone know what their interviews are like?

    Also, what about IMC-Chicago (what used to be Holland Trading House) and PEAK6?

    Thanks a lot, I'm trying to gauge what these companies are like before I go to the interviews for them.
  2. I interviewed for CTC couple of years ago. Went on 2 rounds, but didn't get in.
    They were looking for a futures execution trader, just like something you're probably applying to.
    I figured, been trading 6 years and MBA as extra topping, maybe they would hire me?
    Eh I was wrong.

    Interview is pretty straight forward, first routine HR woman (where, how why, basically going down your resume life story).
    After her, you speak to one of senior traders (this is the grill part, guy's sharp) and the last - you talk to the guy who you'll be working with. He will ask you about experience in trading if you have, things like that.
    This is the guy who will be on the other side of your headset telling you what to buy and when.
    It's a job a monkey could do, but hey...maybe I was too old at the time (31). Who knows. (I keep telling myself that).

    Good luck.

    edit: I think it is a great company to work for, from what I hear other traders say.
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    I forgot to add that I am looking at the entry level positions for all these firms (Trader Assistant or similar title). I am graduating in May.