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  1. I try to ask these questions via saxon's email, but they are not responding, also their site was down last few days. I really look forward to start working at a prof firm. Please someone provides the answers to the following questions:

    What is the commission and desk fee structure at Saxon?

    Do traders trade their own money or money given by the firm(like Swiftrade)?

    The following questions only apply if traders trade money given by the firm:
    How much profit do traders keep for themselves?
    How will account deficit be treated?

    Thank you!
  2. gkishot


    I would not recommend to do business with a company that does not respond to the emails.
  3. I share the same feeling too, also when the website was down, I wasn't too confident about it. Somehow, this is one of the only prof future firms in my city. I think the answers to my questions could help to determine whether this is a firm that I could work for.

    Thank you!
  4. pctrader


    You should look at another prop. firm. Saxon Montreal is managed by someone who answer stupidity without knowing at who he is talking to. Saxon London are much more professionalism and much more courteous. Good luck.
  5. 7-2os


    In reply to pctrader, by your posting you come accross as you stupid...

    The manager/owner of the Montreal branch worked in London for 4 yrs and is very professional in the way he acts and is excellent at bring on young traders and making them very successfully, from your informed comments it would seem to me as if you are bitter and was turned down for a place at Saxon....
  6. you guys seem to have worked at Saxon, and know the answers to my questions. PLease please answers my questions.

    7-2os, are you the manager at montreal branch? Hmmm Saxon is not replying my email, and they don't ask about my resume, c.v., etc. If you are a manager at Saxon, please ask the human ressource guy to check his mail box please.
  7. well i sent them an email
    And i didnt get any responce
    semd the another email no reply
    i am better off putting 25K and dat radunbg future at a retail account
    I was mainly looking for professionalism( trading at an office )
    as pll know where i can trade future at an office in nyc
  8. alex104


    ksonic whats whats up long time no speak
    i worked at saxon new york they just closed there office down they made a huge mistake the senior trade was down 50 grand this year thats why and mainly because montreal and singapore are doing like shit but they have longterm leases there but new york office was on a month to month lease so they decided to shut us down instead i was there top trainee there and i was bringing in like 3 of the best traders i know in 2 months i would of carried that whole office the manager Drew was amazing they made a huge mistake but thats good for me cause i already set up a prop firm as the only trader so far in year i will hire Drew to do the same awesome job she did for saxon but i have nothing bad to say about Saxon it self there a great company if u get an offer from them u would be stupid not to take it the owner of Saxon Nick is a great guy they just made a huge mistake with the new york office but like i said there loss my gain
  9. alex104


    KSONIC if ureally want an interveiw at saxon ill call london and personally as Nick the owner to make sure u get an interview
  10. Hey alex
    that is suprising that they closed the office down
    If the manager was down 50 K woh !!!!
    Any way good luck to u
    and if u know any prop future firm do let me know
    I dont want to move to london :D ( saxon )
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