Questions about latency/transmission speed

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by dandxg, Feb 2, 2007.

  1. I am hoping some of the more technically minded individuals could help me out please?

    Currently I have cable which I have tested at different times of the day and I get 6-8 meg down and 350k up during RTH. I am considering going to DSL because the claim I am close enough to the CO and I should be able to get 8 meg down and 796k up. I have read that will DSL I will get 80-85% of what they publish. That is considered normal because of overhead.

    When transmitting say a single order on the DOM how may kbs am I using? I use Ninja Trader, so the majority of stops are client side. Is there a way to figure out how many kbs I am using. I communicate on hotcomm sporadically, type on ET ocassionally, and place order on NT here and there. Sometimes I am talking to one of my trading buddies on skype at the same time. Should I be concerned 350kbs up is not enough is I am doing all 4 things at once?

    To check latency I would have to ping my broker correct. I don't believe Velocity allows it. They didn't when I joined them a year back. If I can what software should I use. I have heard Ping Plotter is good? Any opinion on that?

    When I think about these 2 issues, latency and bandwidth issues, I wonder if I could improve them I could improve my place in line on the order book? I am not at the size to justify P2P T-1 to broker, but I would like to check and improve within reason.

    TIA for your assistance.

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    I don't know about teh technical side. Does your broker ahve an audit trail? start checking the time from when the order leaves your comp until you get it back.
  3. Thanks Mike. I use Ninja Trader so let me take a look and see if I can get that info.
  4. So now that I checked Mike it says 1 second which seems fast, from order placement to submit order. I recall some members on this board showing faster than 1 second I believe. NT doesn't have the ability it seems to show milliseconds.

    If you don't mind me asking what is the normal time on your audit trail?