questions about interactive broker and how get last price for stock

Discussion in 'App Development' started by clag, Jan 10, 2020.

  1. clag


    Hi guys, every time that I try to get the last price for some stock I get this answer:

    Error 354 Requested market data is not subscribed., contract: Stock

    I'm pretty sure that it could be cause I dont have payed for a pull stock data api but I've a few questions about this, basically I need get the last price for several stocks:

    1) what exactly package need I buy? much it cost? this page appears several NASDAQ packages and I'm not sure which I need

    2) for get the last price for any stock I need require the historical data and get the latest price?..I know there is a streaming api but I suspect this is more expensive and I don't need real time data (even with the price of the stock several minutes ago works for me)

    thanks guys, hope you can help me...I'm a bit confused with this api
  2. For US stocks there are three subscriptions. The one(s) you need depend on which stock you are interested in. These three are called Network A, B and C. You can find them in the webpage you linked to.
    The subscription enables both historical data and live market data. IB does not differentiate between these two.