Questions about IB Trading Olympiad

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  1. I have two questions about the IB Trading Olympiad.

    1. According to IB "Each Student's plan must be his or her own work and not infringe upon or plagiarize the works or intellectual property rights of any third party. Interactive Brokers will be given the right to use the Student's submission, including all intellectual property contained therein, for any and all purposes."

    Does this mean that we can not program a strategy that runs on an open source application like JSystemTrader?

    2. The applications that we create for the IB Olympiad, are run on their servers or on our own machines?

    If they are run on our machines, how do they detect if a trade is manual or automated?

  2. Can anyone provide an answer to the above questions?
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    hi i asked this question, and their response was no.

    meaning you have to learn a whole new set of language (which is what im doing) in a different environment.
  4. I got my answer for the second question from these forums, it seems that you run your application on your own pc

    to the first question I am not certain, but from what these guys are doing it seems you can even run commercial applications, the only important thing for IB is that the orders are submitted through the api, that sounds weird
    read the second page too

    quote "Yes, from reading this thread I noticed that you guys stress the importance of focusing on a good strategy. This is why I wanted to use Amirbroker...I find it easy to use and I can focus more on the strategy and less on the coding part (my coding is not too strong... I am also a grad student and time is very scarce)."
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    aww really?

    damn i should scrap my program in excel now and use Metatrader to link with TWS
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    urgh i can't use other platforms now...

    btw, IB platform is actually not bad, after spending 48 hours with no sleep.
  7. so you guys don't mind giving your intellectual property to IB?
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    no, as its been used since the beginning of stock exchanges....
  9. what has been used since the beginning of stock exchanges?
  10. his intellectual property, I think... meaning his system contains nothing that the people at IB don't already know, I guess.
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