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    1. In index futures trading, is there also a PDT restriction? Can I daytrade more than 3 times within 5 business days with an account less than $25,000?

    2. Can you please recommend some educational resources for fututres daytrading? I have some experience in stock trading and need educational resources specific for futures daytrading.

    Thanks a lot indeed. :)
  2. there are several futures brokers who will let you trade with as little as $5,000 and you can trade as much as you want just so you stay within margin. some of those same brokers will let you trade $500.00 margin per emini.
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    with Global Futures, but that's just an info, no recommendation whatsoever :D but if you know what you're doing a nice offer...:cool:

    For a good introduction into the futures business I can recommend Scott Kriegers "Real Time Commodities Futures Trader From Home"; although there are too many "hypes" around that book, it will get you going into the right direction!

    best & have a well planned start,

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    Hi progers82,

    Thanks indeed. Is it all right to tell me the names of the brokers you mentioned?

    Hi cosmic,

    Thanks really. Will have a look at Global Futures. Is it a specialist futures broker? Many people I know are with 'big' brokers such as IB. I wonder whether it is better to go for such a comprehensive broker, or for a specialist one.

    Also thanks for information about the book. :D
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    Futures tend to be more choppy so you have to use
    wider stops and let your profit run on a good trade.
    The PDT rule does not apply to Futures.

    Lots of good information:

    E-mini S&P (ES)
    E-mini Nasdaq (NQ)
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    Hi Ebo, Sanjuro, thanks a lot. The links are very helpful. :)

    I wonder if you know about the book Direct Access Futures: A Complete Guide to Trading Electronically by David Silverman? It seems to have some information I need about E-minis, but there is some negative comments about it at

    Can you please tell me your opinion about that book? Thanks indeed.
  8. im sure there are alot more than these three but the three that ive used are 1)global 2)advanced futures 3)lions futures. those three alow $500 margin per emini. im sure there are more.
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    If you are having a hard time deciding which book to purchase on trading, how can expect to make a BUY or SELL decision. Gimme a break. Go to BORDERS or B & N and read every book they have for free in the Cafe! If one looks worthwhile.....splurge $20 and buy it. Did you learn anything from The CME website?
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    Thanks indeed, progers82, Ebo.
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