Questions about execution and hubs [futures]

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by MichalTr, Feb 24, 2018.

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    Hello Guys,

    I have some question about execution and hubs - maybe you can help me and provide some information. I will be grateful.

    So the first question - who has hub in Frankfurt ?
    TTnet has it for sure, as I know CQG net in Europe has it only in London (or maybe I'm wrong ?), Stellar has one in London too (but not in Frankfurt), what about T4 ? Rithmic ?

    And another (noob :) ) question - how it works if I heavily (thousand RT/day) scalp 2 markets in the same time but one is from CBOT (ZB) and another one from EUREX (Bund) ? How my orders are routed ? Am I connected to closest server and then orders are are provided straight to exchanges / or to the next hub if it's necessary ?

    And last question - now about ZB. I know that T4 has server directly on CBOT. Does other providers have ones to ?
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    The TT platform includes co-location in Aurora for CBOT products.
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    The questions that you are asking are broker specific and their location is relevant. Data providers may be located in one data center, but the risk software they check against maybe in another spot.

    I find that for the retail trader most of the companies you mentioned would provide good execution.
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