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  1. I have never traded futures before but I'm wondering why on the cme website there is never any volume on the longer term futures such as 2009, 2010, etc. My question is are these contracts tradeable and if so is there just no open interest?
  2. OH BOY!

    In futures, maybe 90% ( and this is an abritary percentage based on my experience, notthing i have verified) trades in the active month. That is where all the liquidity is, on some of the far months there is activity but there furuther you go out then less of a need there is, also, the locals on the floor have to be willing to make markets on those way out months and have the time with the CME commodities u might not be able to get a mkt.

    The bottom line is, most of the time there is no reason to trade that far out.....

    the only commodity that you will see activity far month activity is probably base metals and energies...