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  1. jerrrrk


    What is the industry standard per contract in terms of fees on equity options?? Does .70 cents seem to high?
  2. For retail trading that is a very good price. I think if you averaged a bunch of different online brokers, you would be in the neighborhood of a $1.00.

    Depending on how active you are you can get better rates like with ToS, check out IB and TS too.
  3. I agree with $1 per contract, although if you went with it is 9.95 for unlimited contracts.
  4. I think the standard is about $10/contract. IB is pretty cheap but I don't like their interface.
  5. Wow. I'm not sure any interface could possibly make me pay 13 times more than IB.

    And believe me, I've seen Man's, so I've seen as bad as it can get. :)
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    The best option commissions are 75 cts to a buck unless as mentioned by others, you do size.

    Another thing to consider is the nature of your trading. While unlimited contracts for a flat fee is attractive to some, being able to incrementally add to or reduce a position without a minimum commission is preferable. Pick your poison :)