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  1. Hey guys i have a question, I'm kind of a newbie so bare with me here. If i own Pixar stocks and Disney buys them what happenes to my stocks?
  2. They implode.

    Its like when matter and antimatter collide.

    I learned this watching an episode of "Star Trek"

    So I know its true.

    Please sell immediately before you destroy the known universe.



    It depends on the terms of the deal. If it is all cash deal, you will get cash. If it is an all stock deal, you will get disney stock. If it is a blend of cash and stock, you will get cash and disney stock. Generally speaking, you will get a premium, either in the form of cash or disney stock.
  4. That was a stock transaction. Thus, each one of your Pixar stock automatically became 2 or 3 DISNEYS.
  5. He's lying

    The universe is going to blow up I tell you.

    Everybody under your desks right now!!!



    Isnt there a rumor that APPL is buying DIS.
  7. 2.3 Disney shares for each share of Pixar you own.