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  1. When the 50dma is higher than the 20dma, what does it mean? Is it bullish/bearish or nothing to be concerned about.
  2. Hi armsoforion,

    You'll get better answers if you posted a chart of what your trading and the application of a 50day > 20day.

    The way you posted your could get numerous different answers and some in contradiction of another.

    Charts speak a thousand words.

    If you don't know how to attach a chart...

    First make sure you've saved your chart to your hard-drive via using something like Snagit or Xnview...

    Then when you reply back to this message or someone else message or typing a new message here at ET...look below and you see a button below that saids browse...

    you should be able to figure the rest from there.

  3. BSAM


    I would vote: c. Nothing to be concerned about.
  4. Here is the chart, I went short at 21.30
  5. chart looks screwed up I will redo it.

    try this one
  6. realtime is a bit screwed up today. Its sitting at 21.50 ish and has hit 21.75
  7. if markets only trended (how do you define a trend?) normal thinking would say that you would be in or at the end of a down trend, but as you will see from your chart you aren't in a trend at that point so it tells you nothing, secondly you should probably only pay any attention when the 2 actually cross (not that that tells you much either for the most part)

    me? I ignore MA's