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  1. why did the mod remove my post from this thread:

    I asked him why he is using a company's name as his user ID and starting a thread titled by this company's name. And if he/she works for the company and whether they are a sponsor?

    Is there something offensive about asking why someone is name-dropping a company that is not a sponsor???

    Conduct Rules:
    Advertisements and solicitations of any kind are strictly prohibited unless you are a paying site sponsor... you are not to solicit our members with any type of commercial offer, or advertise your business through your public posts....

    If the conduct rules changed and now allow this, then please update these rules...
  2. Joe


    I don't think it's his company, it's just a coincidence.
  3. Magna

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    Your post was removed because of multiple complaints regarding your tone and location. Specifically, there is no need to come onto threads using oversize 3-pt font demanding answers from a poster. Especially a long-term member who has shown no previous indication of TOU violation. Instead, if you see potential problems, I ask that you either send the appropriate mod a PM, or hit the Complain button, or post your concerns in the Feedback forum. Thanks.